(Chicago, June 5th, 2018) – Robert Murphy, Democratic Committeeman of Chicago’s 39th Ward, announces he is running for Alderman against 24-year incumbent Margaret Laurino and her 54-year family dynasty.  

“I am running for alderman because we desperately need new leadership in the Chicago City Council,” stated Murphy. “I believe in our community, I believe in the commitment and spirit of our neighbors who give so much to make our community better. I believe our neighborhoods should be safer, more walkable, more connected, and more supported. Our community has a strong voice, and it is the job of our leaders to listen to that voice. I am that leader,” he added.

In one of the most competitive ward races in the upcoming 2019 municipals, Committeeman Murphy has rebuilt his Democratic ward organization as a force to be reckoned with. Delivering 20 of 24 endorsed candidates in the March 2018 primary as well as driving record turnout for a midterm election. Murphy, known for his robust field operation, has tapped into a volunteer base from previous campaigns as well as voters activated since the 2016 election. Frustration over financial mismanagement and falling services has been a consistent issue in the 39th Ward, as evidenced by Murphy’s winning 30 of 45 precincts in the 2016 election. Voters sent a clear message for change and ending business as usual in the 39th Ward.

Since being elected 39th Ward Committeeman in 2016, Murphy has initiated several much-needed reforms and initiatives including:

  • The first-ever open endorsement process in the history of the 39th Ward.
  • Hosting over 26 open community forums about issues important to our ward and holding our elected officials accountable.
  • Greatly improving voter turnout and participation in the ward.
  • Helping to deliver the 39th Ward for many new exciting candidates who share our values, including Fritz Kaegi who ran against machine boss  Joseph Berrios.

Murphy is endorsed by Cook County Clerk David Orr, Democratic Committeeman Aaron Goldstein (33rd Ward), Democratic Committeeman Eamon Kelly (Evanston), Democratic Nominee for Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi, and Community Activist Dr. Amara Enyia.

“Robert understands that if you harness the talent of individuals and businesses in your neighborhood, that is where you make real progress. We need elected officials who listen, who understand people, and have courage. For those reasons, I am proud to support Robert Murphy for 39th Ward Alderman,” said Clerk Orr.

“I wholeheartedly endorse, my friend, Robert Murphy for Alderman of the 39th Ward. Robert is a true leader who will move the 39th Ward and the City of Chicago forward. It is time we get away from machine politics and nepotism and elect someone who will stand up for all of us, not just the powerful interests. Robert has been a great community leader and with your help will be an excellent alderman,” said Committeeman Goldstein.

“My campaign for Cook County Assessor—of which Robert was an early supporter—was based on the idea that the voters are done with the outdated model of pay-to-play, corruption, and nepotism. Robert understands that people in the 39th Ward deserve fairness, ethics, and transparency in government and I am proud to support him,” said Kaegi.

“Robert’s campaign for alderman is going to set the tone for the 2019 election cycle. There is a lot at stake and Robert has consistently demonstrated the willingness to do the work. His track record sets him apart from any other candidate in this race,” said Enyia.

Murphy has vowed to be an independent minded alderman who will put the 39th Ward’s interests first.

“Alderman Laurino has become hopelessly inseparable from a broken system of mismanagement and neglect. Our schools and public services are under attack, local economic development is shamefully ignored, and decades of corruption, patronage, ghost-payrolling, and pay-to-play politics have left our city’s finances in ruins,” said Murphy. “We deserve an alderman who isn’t a rubber-stamp for the mayor. We deserve an alderman who works for us, answers our calls, and shows up. Most importantly, we need an alderman who will bring back accountability and leadership to the 39th Ward. I will be that alderman,” Murphy added.

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For more information on Robert Murphy, please visit Murphyfor39.com

About Robert Murphy:

Robert Murphy is a father, husband, architect, community organizer, and Democratic Committeeman of the 39th Ward. He lives in Forest Glen with his wife and daughter, who attends 2nd grade in Chicago Public Schools. He has been a professional architect for over 25 years with experience in public-works and civil engineering projects. Robert has been actively involved in the community for many years and was honored to be elected president of the Forest Glen Community Association three years in a row from 2011-14. He co-founded the Jefferson Park Sunday Market in 2011 and was a co-founder and leader in the Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Coalition from 2013-14. Robert Murphy won the 2016 committeeman election with 55% of the vote.