(Chicago, August 6th, 2018) – Today Robert Murphy, Democratic Committeeman for the 39th Ward and a candidate for Alderman, filed petitions with the Chicago Board of Elections for a referendum on the November ballot. The referendum calls for the Chicago City Council to hold hearings on the risks of lead exposure to residents consuming water in many Chicago homes.

Murphy, an architect, submitted petitions for the referendum to appear on the ballot in six precincts in the 39th Ward.

Murphy issued the following statement:

“Lead poisoning is a serious public health issue. It is imperative that we determine the scope of this problem. If one in five homes are truly at risk of excessive levels of lead in their drinking water, as a recent expose in the Chicago Tribune suggests, we need to know and begin to develop solutions.

Yet the Mayor, and his allies on the City Council, have used parliamentary tricks to prevent us from having the discussion we need to have. This is completely unacceptable.

We need innovative thinking and a full hearing of the facts to determine both what the scope of the issue is and how to begin fixing it. The top-down management style of this mayor has consistently failed to solve the biggest issues facing our city and we need a process whereby real voices are heard and actual solutions are discussed.

Our referendum demands that the City Council do their job and hold public hearings that begin this process and that these hearings be open and accountable for all to see.”