(Chicago, August 24th, 2018)  – Today, 39th Ward Alderman Marge Laurino announced that she would not be seeking re-election in next years municipal elections.

“I would like to thank Marge for her 24 year’s of service. A new era of change is sweeping over the City of Chicago. The old politics are no longer acceptable, nor can we afford to continue paying the high costs of patronage.

“If neighborhoods are to be safe and prosperous, we have to change the way City Hall does business. We need transparency and accountability from our elected leaders. It is time for leadership that listens. This is the message that residents affirmed when they elected me Committeeman of the 39th Ward two years ago.

“In February, the voters of the 39th Ward will get to elect a new alderman to be their voice in City Hall. As a candidate for 39th Ward Alderman, I will continue to advocate for leadership that will fight for the needs of its residents, not the self-interest of political insiders in City Hall. This election is about creating real change for the 39th Ward and not just passing the baton.

“I will continue to talk with the voters of the 39th Ward about the leadership and service I will provide as their alderman.”


About Robert Murphy:

Robert Murphy is a father, husband, architect, community organizer, and Democratic Committeeman of the 39th Ward. He lives in Forest Glen with his wife and daughter, who attends 2nd grade in Chicago Public Schools. He has been a professional architect for over 25 years with experience in public-works and civil engineering projects.

Robert has been actively involved in the community for many years and was honored to be elected president of the Forest Glen Community Association three years in a row from 2011-14. He co-founded the Jefferson Park Sunday Market in 2011 and was a co-founder and leader in the Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Coalition from 2013-14.

Robert Murphy won the 2016 committeeman election with 55% of the vote. As Democratic Committeeman, Robert has a proven record of political reform with practical results for the ward, including increasing voter turnout, hosting first-ever open endorsement process in the ward and electing independent leaders like Fritz Kaegi.