Community Input / Ward Concerns


Our Issues in the 39th Ward



In order to have a government that truly works for us, we all need to be involved in the planning and decision-making process, especially when it comes to our issues in the 39th ward. 

As your alderman, I will initiate a whole new planning and development process in our ward that will emphasize expertise and community engagement. As 39th Ward Committeeman, I created the first-ever open endorsement process for our elected officials. Similarly, as Alderman, I will:

• Create a Zoning Advisory Board to provide input on land use and development questions.

• Institute Participatory Budgeting. Each alderman in Chicago gets over $1 million a year to allocate for various infrastructure improvements in his or her ward. This process will allow you, the voter, to decide how this money is used in the ward.

• Bring together city resources, chambers of commerce, local business representatives, local non-profits, and community organizations to constitute a 39th Ward Planning Task Force. The task force will identify opportunities and challenges in our ward, establish priorities, and guide development in our ward.

Reconstitute TIF districts in our ward to have advisory boards made up of local businesses, community associations, and community members. All TIFs will make an annual report to the community.


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