Economic Development

Our Issues in the 39th Ward

As alderman, one the most important jobs is to foster economic growth and sustainability in our ward. In the past, planning has not been prioritized, and community involvement or concerns have been pushed aside. This has lead to economic development in our ward being spotty at best, and non-existent at worst. To turn this around and tap into the real potential in our community, as alderman, I will:

•  Create the 39th Ward Planning Task Force to identify opportunities and challenges in our ward, to establish priorities, and to guide economic development in our ward. The task force will be made up chambers of commerce, local business representatives, local non-profits, and community organizations.

• Conduct a Ward-wide TIF District Performance Audit. TIFs serve an important function, but without oversight and transparency, they have been under-utilized and abused by Alderman Laurino, the current alderman, for years. Local advisory boards will be set up for each TIF district, made up of local businesses, community associations, and community members. All TIFs will be tasked with establishing a master planning document for development moving forward, and they will make an annual report to the community to show progress on that master plan.

• Development goals and major zoning questions will be handled by Zoning Advisory Board.

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