Our Issues in the 39th Ward


Education is the cornerstone of what makes a community strong and a desirable place in which to live.

Parents should want to send their children to high-quality public schools, K-12. As alderman, I will work to properly fund and support all of our schools to be sure that not only is the instruction our children are receiving the highest quality, but that the physical structure of our schools is well-maintained, and that overcrowding is significantly reduced. In order to achieve these goals for 39th ward education improvements, as your alderman, I will:

• Support an elected school board.

• Sponsor legislation to require charter schools fully report how your tax dollars are being spent and require that no charter can hire its affiliated for-profit businesses to siphon off tax dollars through high “service” fees.

• Advocate for the building of a new neighborhood high school on the Northwest side to reduce our rampant over-crowding.

• Support all efforts to hold the current appointed school board accountable on matters such as special education funding, janitorial privatization, and fight against insider contracts.


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