Chicago Sun-Times

“Robert Murphy, an architect and the ward’s Democratic committeeman, is the best choice to replace Margaret Laurino, who is not running for re-election. He’s paid his dues. Murphy built up his community activist credentials as a founding member of the FAiR coalition against airplane noise. To help get money out of politics, he supports small donor matching for political campaigns, and he wants lead water service pipes in the city replaced. He opposes any increase in the property tax, but would support broadening sales taxes to some services.”

Jesus “Chuy” GarciaCongressman, IL-04

“Robert Murphy had the courage to stand up to Joe Berrios and the machine,” Garcia said. “His leadership will help bring much-needed reforms to the broken property tax system. Robert will help bring transparency and accountability to City government and put the interests of the 39th ward before the special interests that now grip city hall. I enthusiastically endorse Robert Murphy for 39th ward alderman.”

David Orr, Former Cook County Clerk 

“Robert is committed to standing up for our shared values in city council. This race is the best opportunity in 2019 to flip a longtime mayoral-controlled ward to one lead by an independent reformer who represents the people.”

Fritz Kaegi, Cook County Assessor

“Robert Murphy understands that when we defeated the machine, it sent a message throughout Cook County to those who seek to use government offices to benefit themselves, their family, and their businesses. I am excited that my first endorsement as Democratic Nominee is Robert Murphy in his crucial race for 39th Ward Alderman.”

Scott WaguespackAlderman, 32nd Ward

 “The Progressive Caucus has been pushing for oversight of Ed Burke,  fighting the creation of mega-TIFs, and demanding hearings on lead in our water. Robert has been a champion of these issues and the progressive voice in the 39th ward. We need his leadership in our city council.”

Heather SteansState Senator, 7th District

“Robert is a community leader that gets things done. He has a track record of hard work and keeping his promises. Robert will stand with me to make sure Chicagoans get the social services they need. He’ll be a strong voice in City Council for LGBT and reproductive rights just like he has been as 39th Ward Committeeman. I’m proud to endorse him for alderman.”

Debra ShoreCommissioner, MWRD

“The residents of the 39th ward want and deserve an alderman who will put their interests first, who is not seeking to ‘be’ something but, rather, to ‘do’ something. Robert Murphy is that public servant. He has my enthusiastic support.”

Kari SteelePresident, MWRD

“I support Robert because he understands that protecting our environment and our stormwater management infrastructure are public safety issues. I know he will be a vocal advocate on these issues as alderman of the 39th ward.”

Kim du BucletCommissioner, MWRD

“Robert Murphy is a strong advocate for clean water and repairing our water management infrastructure. He is committed to protecting our families and our homes and that is why he will be a great member of the City Council.”

Cam DavisCommissioner, MWRD

“I stand with Robert because he works for the public interest. Not his own.”

Maria Hadden, Alderwoman-elect, 49th Ward

Just as we did in the 49th Ward, Robert Murphy is running to center community voice in decision making processes. We need proven independent leaders like him on City Council.”

Dick SimpsonUIC Professor and Fmr. Alderman

“Robert Murphy is the reformer that the 39th Ward and the City of Chicago needs. He is passionate about making government work for everyone, not just the well connected. He will be a leader in the city council on issues such as ethics reform, transparency, and campaign finance reform. I am excited to support his candidacy for alderman.”

Pat Quinn, Former Governer of Illinois

“Robert is the neighborhood guy. His hard work and dedication to the community is undeniable, and he would be a tremendous asset to the 39th ward as alderman. I am proud to support his candidacy.”

Aaron Goldstein, 33rd Ward Committeeman

“I wholeheartedly endorse, my friend, Robert Murphy for Alderman of the 39th Ward. Robert is a true leader who will move the 39th Ward and the City of Chicago forward. It is time we get away from machine politics and nepotism and elect someone who will stand up for all of us, not just the powerful interests. Robert has been a great community leader and with your help will be an excellent alderman.” 

Eamon Kelly, Evanston Township Committeeman

“In less than 2 years, Robert has shown the positive impact an active committeeman can have on a community. He built an entirely new organization in record time and is noted by fellow committeeman for impressive communication to his constituents. I’m proud to endorse him for 39th ward alderman.”

Harish Patel, Community Activist

“I am proud to support my friend and community leader Robert Murphy for 39th ward alderman. Robert understands the diversity of his ward is one of its strengths and believes in fostering an inclusive and open community. Robert has shown time and again that he is not only a friend to immigrant communities and communities of color, but also brings an open mind and a big heart to tackling complex issues and represent us all.”

John Mulroe, Illinois State Senator, 10th District


Dean MaragosNew Trier Township Committeeman


College Teachers Union

“Robert has demonstrated his independence and longstanding commitment to progressive reforms. We trust he will always put the concerns of our families and students ahead of politics. We are confident that voters who share these concerns will see in him the proven leadership the ward and the city needs.”

Cook County College Teachers Union 

SEIU 73 

Our Revolution

SEIU Healthcare II

Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition

Indo-American Democratic Organization

Indivisible Chicago, Northwest Side

“Robert is an independent reformer, sharing our values to increase transparency, honesty, and accountability at all levels of government.”

Northside Democracy For America

“We are very proud to endorse Robert Murphy for alderman of the 39th ward,” said Northside DFA Co-Chair Matt McWhinney. “Robert is an active and longtime member of NDFA and has shown, as committeeman, that he is a hard worker and tireless advocate for an ethical and transparent government.”

Neighbors for Robert Murphy

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