Cook County Clerk David Orr

“Robert is committed to standing up for our shared values in city council. This race is the best opportunity in 2019 to flip a longtime mayoral-controlled ward to one lead by an independent reformer who represents the people.”

Nominee for Cook County Assessor, Fritz Kaegi

“Robert Murphy understands that when we defeated the machine, it sent a message throughout Cook County to those who seek to use government offices to benefit themselves, their family, and their businesses. I am excited that my first endorsement as Democratic Nominee is Robert Murphy in his crucial race for 39th Ward Alderman.”

Amara Enyia, Community Activist

“Robert’s campaign for alderman is going to set the tone for the 2019 election cycle. There is a lot at stake and Robert has consistently demonstrated the willingness to do the work. His track record sets him apart from any other candidate in this race,”

Aaron Goldstein, 33rd Ward Committeeman

“I wholeheartedly endorse, my friend, Robert Murphy for Alderman of the 39th Ward. Robert is a true leader who will move the 39th Ward and the City of Chicago forward. It is time we get away from machine politics and nepotism and elect someone who will stand up for all of us, not just the powerful interests. Robert has been a great community leader and with your help will be an excellent alderman,” said Committeeman Goldstein.

Eamon Kelly, Evanston Township Committeeman

Pat Quinn, Former Governer of Illinois

Neighbors for Robert Murphy

PO Box 46051

Chicago, IL 60646