Public Safety

Our Issues in the 39th Ward


Livability and security are a key feature of our ward. To keep our community as a great place to raise a family, to be a first-time home buyer, or to retire, we must ensure the safety of all of our residents via law enforcement in the 39th ward. 

Having been the victim of a home break-in myself and seeing first hand the professionalism of our police officers and detectives, I know that the single most important change we can make is having sufficient officers on the beat. As alderman, I will:

• Continue to advocate for the hiring of more police officers and require that there be a baseline for community policing, so that the Northwest side is not being underserved.

• Work with our commanders and officers to improve how CPD delivers services for law enforcement in the 39th ward, and to streamline the promotion process so that hard working officers can advance based on merit in a timely way.

• Work to bring our commanders, our police officers, and our CAPS programs from the 16th and 17th Districts to work closer together so that information and community alerts are shared. This is what our officers need to do their jobs more effectively, and what you need to have the highest degree of safety.

• Conduct a thorough review of all bike trails and pathways to ensure that all existing and planned paths are effectively lit, policed, and as safe as possible.


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