Ward Services and Municipal Matters

Our Issues in the 39th Ward


Nothing is more important as alderman than to provide services to our ward. We deserve a 39th ward alderman that is responsive to us, that advocates for us, that helps us navigate the city’s bureaucracy, and that simply shows up.

In addition, accountability is not a slogan, but something that has been sorely lacking on our City Council, as aldermen have consistently held themselves above the rules that the rest of us have to follow. As 39th ward alderman, I will:

• Answer your calls to the ward office and ensure that our staff follow up with you to give you a status report on your concern.

• Host regular ward nights where you can drop in and speak with me about what matters to you.

• Support the creation and funding for an Inspector General that is separate from the City Council and City Hall—who has subpoena powers for real oversight.

• Revise City Hall’s budget process to include neighborhood forums for community input.

• Bring additional services and policing to the 39th Ward so northwest side residents get greater value for each tax dollar.

• Support a living wage for working families.

• Oppose the sale of public assets without adequate City Council review, public hearings, and neighborhood forums for true citizen input. We cannot allow another parking meter deal to happen.


Neighbors for Robert Murphy

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